A DESIGNERS’ COLLECTIVE is the result of a long-term collaboration between independent designers Linda Bos (PRETTY FOREST design + illustration) and Runa Egilsdottir (Central Intelligence design + direction).  
January 2018 they decided to ‘go steady’ and officially engage in a creative relationship / become creative partners. They strongly believe in the right (wo)man for the job and enjoy collaborating with other creatives with various competences (web designers, video .., photographers etc.).

covers all their clients’ creative needs. The size of your project is not of importance. Yet your dedication to your project and your understanding of the importance of design for it are crucial for a successful collaboration.

Though ‘the client is king’, they are no skilled designers. A DESIGNERS’ COLLECTIVE takes on an analytic approach to find out if your wishes are actually coherent with your needs. A well-taught strategy and concept are the foundation of any successful creation.

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