Iran Between Times

We love typography (even if we can’t read them)
Farsi writing inspired us for our latest design for the photographic exhibition IRAN, BETWEEN THE TIMES of Alfred Seiland.

The exhibition includes a selection of 60 photographs from Seiland’s Iran series, which he began in 2017. Similar to his previous project, Imperium Romanum, this series draws on the interplay between past and present and the ways in which people relate to it. The selection encompasses landscape photographs, illustrating the rich and complex history of Iran, as well as photographs of unadulterated scenes from everyday Iranian life.
Analogue large-format photographs, for which Seiland is known, alternate with more spontaneous medium-format camera shots, always maintaining the uniform visual language from his previous Imperium Romanum series. With this project, the photographer aims to challenge the viewer to critically think about how Western media oftentimes fail to represent an unprejudiced and unbiased view of the former Persian Empire, and to reflect at the same time on the major socio-political topics that are at the forefront of Iran’s society today.