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Parking Neipperg


WW+ Architektur | Ville de Luxembourg

We are going to renovate the city-owned parking garages in Ville de Luxembourg, one by one. The first parking we will renovate is a rather specific case:
Since it has 19 split levels, we fear that people will continue to have difficulties remembering where they parked their car. We would therefor like to add icons to facilitate the navigation (floor numbering + colour).

This parking garage is serving people from both the ‘Gare’ and ‘Bonnevoie’ area. We would like the icons to be a reference to these areas. We have 19 ‘famous’ (non religious, non commercial) buildings from the area in mind, but are open to other suggestions.

We did research to ‘famous’, remarkable buildings in the area and came to the conclusion that it would be near to impossible to find 19 distinguishable buildings within close proximity.
We then broadened our research and came to the conclusion there were a lot more ‘stories’ to be told about places and street names. For instance: The “banana factory” The ‘Banannefabrik’, is today a popular cultural venue.


The cultural side of the City benefits some attention and the parking user is projected in a fun way into his direct surroundings.

The parking Neipperg had in its past a rather dubious reputation. People were rather scared using the parking as it had a rather dark atmosphere and it was easy to get lost.
Through the created icons and colour palette, the impression is friendly and it is easier to remember on which floor one is parked at.